Introduction – brief information about Gamstop

What is gamstop United Kingdom? GamStop is a casino self-exclusion scheme that has been specifically designed for players out of control when gambling. This program completely blocks online casino sites. Gamstop gambling United Kingdom operates only in the UK and Ireland (as the name implies).


Self-exclusion is a process when a person independently refuses to play at an online casino for a certain period of time. It usually takes 6 months to 5 years. United Kingdom casinos not with gamstop bypasses the self-exclusion process because it is missing from the Gamstop search engine. In this case, the casino is unlicensed.

The range of online casinos at Gamstop

In 2021, all online casinos in England and Ireland, considered official, must be present on the Gamstop platform (unlicensed ones are checked for these requests: non gamstop United Kingdom casino, non gamstop United Kingdom casino, non gamstop United Kingdom casinos, casino United Kingdom not on gamstop). If a gambling establishment refuses to do this or tries to circumvent the law, then this is an alarming sign for the consumer. After all, if the casino does not want to be legal, then why deal with it? The Gamstop list includes casinos such as Apollo Entertainment, Health Lottery Limited, Betdaq and many more. A detailed list can be found when you enter United Kingdom casinos not on gamstop, this query will immediately show you a huge range of reliable online casinos.
Unfortunately, there are some casinos that, using duplicates and other methods, bypass the mandatory law on the presence of casinos in Gamstop. In order not to stumble upon deceivers, type United Kingdom sites not on gamstop into the search engine so as not to cooperate with them.

Self-exclusion from online gambling

If you would like to self-exclude online gambling, you can visit Gamstop (, not to be confused with casino not on gamstop United Kingdom), which now allows UK and Northern Ireland residents to exclude themselves from all gambling sites. This is a free service that is provided for a period of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years.
If you only want to exclude one online gambling company, go to the operator’s website where your account is located. Go to the Responsible Gambling or Safer Gambling page next to casinos not on gamstop United Kingdom for information on self-exclusion. If you cannot find out how to self-exclude, or this is not what you need (for example, you are interested in the question of how to permanently close your account), then contact customer support by phone, email or write to the support chat.

About GamStop UK

How does GamStop and gambling sites not on gamstop United Kingdom work?
How GamStop works is simple and transparent. First, you need to decide if you are willing to exclude yourself and acknowledge your destructive addiction. Second, you need to register with Gamstop. To do this, you will need to enter personal data on the site, such as name, postal address, date of birth, devices you use and other information, a description of which you will find on the site. United Kingdom casino not registered with gamstop allows you to check out unscrupulous casino owners who don’t want to think about their customers.
It is important to note the hesitation period that is given to the client upon self-exclusion. During it, you can choose the period of expulsion from the casino for a period of six months, two or five years, and it can also be extended after the expiration of the period. When you submit your registration, you have 24 hours to decide on self-exclusion. All devices from which you usually enter the online casino website must also be specified. In this case, you will not be able to go to official gambling sites, but only to such as non gamstop casinos United Kingdom, which cannot guarantee you a victory in gambling and hope for recovery.
To date, GamStop does not support initiatives that refuse to join it voluntarily. These are United Kingdom sports betting sites not on gamstop and United Kingdom online casino not on gamstop. The platform is only intended to solve problems with online gambling. Therefore, at the moment, offline casinos are not included in the list of prohibited access sources.

Benefits for Players

GamStop is considered the first step towards abolishing the habitual gambling activity for the conscious gamblers. Gamstop is a seal of quality and you can always clarify information on these requests: not on gamstop United Kingdom, United Kingdom online casinos not on gamstop, gamstop United Kingdom gambling.

What are its advantages?

  1. This is an absolutely free program for players, the fee is paid only by the casino (except for those casinos located here:
    sites not on gamstop United Kingdom);
  2. This program is considered a big step towards your own psychological health. In addition, no one will be able to see your personal data, which will keep your problem hidden from prying eyes;
  3. This program cooperates with many organizations, which confirms its effectiveness, honesty and reliability;
  4. The system helps to get rid of gambling addiction.

Self-exclusion from all UK casinos

How does it work?

In the UK, it is possible to exclude from all online casinos by filling out a form on the Gamstop website. From the list you can choose any specific casinos, or note that for a certain period of time you do not want to play in any casino. This information is not shared with any of your friends, and the registration itself is very fast. Once registered, you will not be able to terminate the transaction.
If you want to self-exclude from an offline casino, then you can pay attention to the SENSE system. When you are excluded under this scheme, the information will be transferred to all casinos in the country, and your data will be deleted from all casino databases. Also, the casino is not allowed to contact you and offer promotions, promotions and bonuses (only unlicensed casinos can continue to do this, so you will need to check these resources: non gamstop United Kingdom, betting sites not on gamstop United Kingdom and non gamstop slots United Kingdom).
Registration takes a few minutes and is possible at any casino. A complete list of unregistered casinos can be found here United Kingdom casino sites not on gamstop.
Registration is quick and easy and can be done at any land-based casino. A full list of SENSE casinos can be found on the website.
You can print the registration form, which must be completed and signed manually, and then sent by e-mail to the address. The form itself must be accompanied by a recently taken photograph and a copy of your identity document (driver’s license or passport). In order not to be mistaken, double-check these requests in advance United Kingdom bingo sites not on gamstop, casino sites not on gamstop United Kingdom, United Kingdom betting sites not on gamstop, so that your data does not fall into the hands of scammers.
Self-exclusion through the SENSE system can only be canceled if you are present at the casino in person. Most casino employees conduct interviews with repeat customers before being allowed to gamble again.

Why self-exclude?

GAMSTOP allows you to take control of your life and help you overcome online addiction.
By registering on this service, you will be able to be restricted from gambling sites for the period of time you choose. Currently, Gamstop is only available to residents of the UK and Northern Ireland.

Payment methods available at casinos registered with GamStop

As stated earlier, Gamstop is a completely free platform for users. The fee is paid only by representatives of online casinos and sponsors of Gamstop. The GAMSTOP service is operated by the charity National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited.
The casino will independently be able to find information about the convenient payment method. If you first want to withdraw funds from the online platform, and then self-exclude, then use a method convenient for you – a bank card, electronic wallets, phone numbers, cryptocurrency, and so on.

Pros of using the GamStop scheme

Plus & Minus
You can get rid of gambling addiction;
You will not be able to support such scammers as slots not on gamstop United Kingdom, United Kingdom casino no gamstop and online casino not on gamstop United Kingdom;
Learn how to properly manage time and money so that playing at an online casino is an entertainment event.

Cons of self-exclusion

Despite the benefits of self-exclusion, it is necessary to talk about the significant disadvantages for gamers. Many players decide to end any connection with an online casino after a big loss. In this case, the person feels like a failure and vows never to gamble again.
After a while, after the person has already self-excluded, he may decide to re-register on the online platform, specifying the same payment information. In this case, the system is obliged to immediately refuse him in the application, because it is illegal to accept a player who has not completed the self-exclusion stage. However, some casinos have found a way out of this situation (best non gamstop casinos United Kingdom). Several scenarios are possible.

Plus & Minus
· For example, you won an amount at a casino and are waiting for funds to be credited to your card. However, in this case, the casino may find that you are in fact on self-exclusion, so you can only get back the amount of your own deposit. If you still want to play at online casinos again, it is better to search these resources for non gamstop United Kingdom sites.
· The second scenario. You have lost a large amount and hope that they will not be withdrawn from you, because you sent a confirmation request that you are in self-exclusion. In this case, the casino may charge you funds for the loss, because it could not find out in time that you are on self-exclusion.
· The problem of self-exclusion from online casinos is still a popular problem for many players. When you delete your profile from the casino website, a person can always register again and indicate the same data. However, in this case, all his winnings will be forfeited. It turns out a vicious circle - you refused to play, but you register again and again lose money. The casino checks the data only when withdrawing money. This means that you can lose almost all the fortune, but you will not be able to receive the winnings, because with this transaction, the funds in favor of the player will simply be blocked. In the end, you will not get what you want, because only the amount of the last deposit will be returned to you.


Why self-exclude?
I'd like to keep playing, but it's safer - what can I do?

Your opinion

How do you feel about the Gamstop system? Do you have experience with self-exclusion, or would you just like to try it? Share your answers in the comments.


Edward McKonakhee
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In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for those who cannot control themselves and all human thoughts are occupied only by online casinos. It must be remembered that the casino is primarily entertainment. And if entertainment turns into gambling addiction, then you need to work with it, even if you take such strict restrictive measures.
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Why self-exclude?
Self-exclusion is good for you if you have developed a serious addiction and cannot do anything other than gambling at the casino. In such cases, self-exclusion will help you overcome the problem and keep you from temptation. In addition, if you lose a lot of money with each game and believe in the opportunity to win back, then self-exclusion can return you to a full life (sites not on gamstop United Kingdom - by this search query you can find out how not to register with scammers). The main thing to remember is that the game should bring pleasure and excitement, and not the loss of relationships with loved ones and bring huge losses. Self-exclusion is not a 100% solution to gambling addiction, but it can help you take complex care of your mental health.
I'd like to keep playing, but it's safer - what can I do?
You need to allocate for yourself how much time you devote to the game per day. If you become irritable and aggressive, you are not in the mood to communicate with friends and family, you often miss your work or school, and gambling takes you more than 4 hours a day, then you need to do something about it. For example, you can schedule the days when you want to play. Chat more with friends. It will also be a good way to have a specially designated card with funds that you will not mind losing in case of loss. If you have lost the amount on the card, it means that for today everything is over. We recommend that you use the resources from Gamstop to check the casino. However, if you have already signed a self-exclusion and want to check your excerpt, then it is better to look at information on such sources as United Kingdom slots not on gamstop, because in some cases this can guarantee you the safety of your funds.
If the above methods do not help you, you suffer from addiction and you are not interested in anything, then this may indicate a developing gambling addiction. In this case, you will need to contact a specialist and work out your problem. Also, we do not recommend that you look for workarounds and search for requests on the following topics: United Kingdom gambling sites not on gamstop, because this will not help you recover.
You can visit this site - for more information on safe online casino gaming.